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Consulting service: Customer knowledge

Explore and understand the behaviors and expectations of your users

Being user-centric is not just about being interested in brand-user interaction. Knowing and understanding your users is the key to the success of a project.

  • Who are your users and your personas?
  • What are their habits?
  • What are their needs and expectations
  • ...

It is through solid customer knowledge that you will build an offer that is relevant because it is adapted to real needs.

Understanding your customers is an essential step to be user-centric

The objectives of good customer knowledge

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • You will be able to define exactly who is your core target persona

    Define your core target

  • We are building archetypes, or personas, on which you can base your decisions

    Building personas

  • Knowing the habits of your customers is essential to build a user-centric product

    Understanding purchasing journeys or usage behaviors

  • You will be able to evaluate the offer according to several personas

    Check the relevance of an offer

  • Depending on the needs of your customers, you will be able to prioritize certain features

    Identify development opportunities

  • The benefits of good customer knowledgents are infinite!

    And many others depending on your project

Are you looking to get to know your customers better?

Your deliverables

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Detailed persona matrix sheet

    Detailed personas and archetypes

  • Customer journeys detailed by persona

    Customer journeys

  • Perception comparison tables by archetype or persona

    Consumer insights

  • Selection of functionalities to develop according to the chosen core target

    Prioritization of the elements of an offer

  • Distribution and appetite of your personas

    Quantified typology of your users

Selection of functionalities to develop according to the chosen core target

Discover a concrete example of customer knowledge support

The Bip&Go customer case shows how they used customer knowledge to design a new mobile application, bringing new services to their current customers while opening up to new segments.

Bip&Go case study

A customer knowledge study in practice

  • Timing

    Starting at 2 weeks

  • Price

    Starting at €10,500

  • International
    • Europe
    • North America
    • South America
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Australia
  • Typology of target
    • BtoB targets
    • BtoC targets
    • BtoE targets
  • Project type
    • Digital projects
    • Non-digital projects

Example of UX method

Each process is tailor-made according to your needs.

  • Define your goals

    Define study objectivesFraming

  • Project step

    Identify behaviors and expectations, create proto-personas Individual interviews

  • Project step

    Measure appetite, validate final personas Quantitative survey

  • Receive our recommendations

    Define and prioritize your project roadmap Presentation of results

Guerlain's consulting service at Ferpection

"We partnered with Ferpection on strategic subjects. They were able to conduct international exploratory researches impeccably while offering an innovative analysis framework, which deeply helped structure our strategic thinking and our roadmap."

- Adrienne Rostaing, Analytics & Customer Services Manager Guerlain

A synergy of expertise for your projects

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    Anaïs Valentin

    User Research Director

    Understanding of the need and framing

  • #

    Anne-Laure Januel

    Lead UX Research Consultant

    Project management

  • #

    Manon Petit

    Head of Operations

    Project management

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    Estefanía Giménez

    UX Research Consultant

    Project management

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    Matthieu Louise

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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    Mathieu Lombard

    Lead UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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