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Get your UX research in a few days

qualitative and quantitative research with consulting tailored to your needs

We find the correct qualitative or quantitative method for your UX research

We define

the research approach that fits your needs

We recruit users who are specifically geared towards your user testing.

We recruit

your B2B, B2C or internal users

We carry out the qualitative or quantitative research.

We carry out

user testing, user interviews, focus groups, quantitative surveys

Our UX researchers and product designers optimise your user experience.

We recommend

custom-made modifications to optimize your project

User tests ROI: +40% of customer satisfaction UX White Paper: Listen to your users to improve your agility

Our happy clients

Leroy Merlin
“Ferpection help us better justify choices by bringing together users from everywhere, huge time savings, completely outsourced and independent logistics and true UX consultants bringing us invaluable challenges and hands-on recommendations.”

- Paul Thanasack, Lead UX Designer Leroy Merlin ADEO

“It's very important to listen to your users so that you can always be at the forefront and really meet their expectations. Without the users, our brand is finished.”

- Régis Koenig, Director of Service Policy and Customer Experience, Fnac Darty

Head Quote
“We wanted to test against different cultural and users behaviors across markets such as Germany, US and UK. The results helped form our final rollout and avoid having a one size fits all site.”

- Matt Thomas, Head of Creative Production and Operations

“We partnered with Ferpection on strategic subjects. They were able to conduct international exploratory researches impeccably while offering an innovative analysis framework, which deeply helped structure our strategic thinking and our roadmap.”

- Adrienne Rostaing, Analytics & Customer Services Manager Guerlain

Why do UX research with us?

Diversity of UX methodologies


Choose from our 4 different UX research methods

Each UX research method we propose is totally different. You must start by establishing your goals and what you really want to learn from the study. Let us help you choose between our 4 different research UX research methods (individual interviews, remote user testing, focus group and quantitative survey).

Endure quality


Trust our experts for the job

Our UX consulting team will help you succeed in your studies. They are here to answer your questions and assure your test protocol is optimized. Each study, from its launch to its delivery, is our core business.

Quick turn-around test


Get feedback in 5 to 15 days

You have no time to waste, and your project launch or website / application redesign awaits. That's why we've reduced the timing of a remote user test to 7 days.

Simple interface


Launch your test in a few clicks

As you have nothing to install, you can test all of your digital and physical points of contact: website, mobile applications, connected terminals, chatbot, stores, customer service...

Agile methodologies


Retrieve your results on our online platform

With our agile rendering interface, you can view the testers' feedback, filter by page and / or category, and also consult the statistics and our summary report.

Autonomous client


Have the ability to manage your studies yourself

Our platform is so intuitive that some of our clients manage the analysis of qualitative feedback themselves, as well as the creation of new studies (remote tests only).

Personalised advice

Customer Support

Get advice from our experts

Your dedicated Ferpection Consultant can also take care of the analysis of the qualitative data, it's synthesis, the UX recommendations, the production of a complete report, and if necessary, the creation of models which illustrate its proposals of optimization of your site / app.

Prioritize your roadmap


Target what is essential to your clients

Listening to your current and prospective customers, and understanding the main problems they face on your website, will help you prioritize the projects for your development roadmap and your AB testing roadmap.



We help you listen to your core target

Listen to your B2C, B2B and B2E users in 40 countries through our panel of 250,000 testers, external recruitment or your own customer files.