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Consulting service: Design of a new offer

Define your offer before its launch

Are you going to create a website, an application or a service soon? To successfully launch your product and avoid the "flop", make sure you define your offer:

  • What needs does it meet?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is its commercial potential?
  • ...

It is by listening to your users that you will obtain the answers to these key questions.

Make your new offer a success

The objectives for designing a new offer

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Identify the need that your offer will meet

    Validate and define the existing needs

  • Test user appetite for your concept

    Evaluate the attractiveness of a new offer

  • Measure the interest aroused by this new offer

    Measure the potential of the offer in one or more countries

  • Include your users in the creation process

    Co-build the offer with your users

  • Identify the priority axes of optimization

    Establish specifications with the elements to prioritize

  • The benefits of good customer knowledge are endless!

    And many others depending on your project

Do you want to launch a new product or service?

Your deliverables

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Percentage of people willing to buy

    Potential penetration rate for the target

  • Detailed persona matrix sheet

    Detailed personas and archetypes

  • Meeting point between the optimal price and the psychological price

    Definition of the optimal price

  • KPI on branding

    Brand perception and image impact

  • Ranking of the importance of features

    Prioritization of the different components of the offer

  • guidelines for your MVP

    Recommendations for building your first models

Launch of a new L'Oreal service

Discover our customer case for the design of a new application

To create a new online beauty experience, L'Oréal has co-built its value proposition and the prototype with its users

L'Oréal case study

A project for the design of an offer in practice

  • Timing

    Starting at 2 weeks

  • Price

    Starting at €9,500

  • International
    • Europe
    • North America
    • South America
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Australia
  • Typology of target
    • BtoB targets
    • BtoC targets
    • BtoE targets
  • Project type
    • Digital projects
      • Desktop or mobile
      • Mock-up, prototype or live
    • Non-digital projects
      • Products or services

Example of UX method

Each process is tailor-made according to your needs.

  • Define your goals

    Define study objectives Framing

  • Project step

    Measure the potential of your offer on the market and define your target Quantitative survey

  • Project step

    Co-create the main elements of your offer with your target Design thinking workshop

  • Receive our recommendations

    Define specifications for your first models Recommendations UX

Bip&Go consulting service at Ferpection

Fnac Darty
"The design thinking approach proposed by Ferpection helped us to understand our targets for this application launch, to focus on one target rather than another, to establish precise profiles and to prioritize the functionalities that would make us stand out from the likes of Waze. I am satisfied with the way the project was carried out: method, breakdown, understanding of our problem, reactivity, precise restitution, readable supports, everything is there. In short, this is not a study just for the fun of it, it is a concrete tool for our mobile application."

- Bryan Body, Product Lead Bip&Go

A synergy of expertise for your projects

  • Octavia Kawase

    Octavia Kawase

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Florine July

    Florine July

    Senior UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Clara Tuco

    Clara Tuco

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Marie Lebrisse

    Marie Lebrisse

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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