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User interview

Research methodology

  • 6-8 individuals
  • Results in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Allows you to have spontaneous reactions and to dig into specific elements with personalised follow-up questions locally or in your key markets
  • Interview duration 45 minutes
  • 1 user and 1 professional facilitator
  • By phone, video, or face to face
Exploratory, guided or semi-guided interviews to better understand users according to research objectives. They can be conducted by phone, video or in person.

What type of UX research can you do with user interviews?

Here are some non-exhaustive examples:

UX testing

UX testing

To identify possible improvement on a mock-up, a prototype or a live version, for mobile or desktop.

Physical product testing

Physical product testing

To understand the use and expectations around the product.

Customer knowledge

Customer knowledge

To understand customer behaviors and needs.

Deliverables of an individual user interview


  • Report with analysis of interviews


  • Interview videos
  • UX recommendations
  • Prototype animation
  • Room rental and management
  • Transcription
  • Post-study coaching
  • International and translations

How does this UX research takes place?

  • The Success call will allow us to finalise with you the goals and the protocol of the research.
  • We recruit users according to criteria identified together upstream, all across the world.
  • We write in parallel the interview guide that will be followed by the facilitator during the interviews.
  • During the interview, whether they are done face-to-face or remotely, the facilitator is assisted by another professional who transcripts the sessions.
  • When technically possible, we take a video capture of the tester's screen and / or webcam.
  • Analysis from toplines to in-depth report, including cultural awareness in the case of international interviews.
User studies are generally done in four main stages; the choice of the UX research method, the targeting of the users, the recovery of the qualitative data and finally the analysis of this qualitative data.

Who can you target with user interviews?

End customer (B2C)
End customer
Professional customer (B2B)
Pro customer
Internal customer (B2E)
Internal customer

When can you conduct user interviews?


Why conduct user interviews?

  • Define the most valuable features of a website or application
  • Diagnose the difficulties and frictions of the user experience
  • Test the understanding of the interface by the testers
  • Ensure the ergonomy of a digital interface
  • Test the perception of the design of the website or the app
  • Discover users and their needs
  • Test the information architecture of the interface
  • To conduct global research with a strong understanding of cultural differences

Learn more with our article: User Testing: What, When and How?

They made individual interview with Ferpection

"The design thinking approach proposed by Ferpection helped us to understand our targets for this application launch, to focus on one target rather than another, to establish precise profiles and to prioritise the functionalities that would make us stand out from the likes of Waze. I am satisfied with the way the project was carried out: method, breakdown, understanding of our problem, reactivity, precise restitution, readable supports, everything is there. In short, this is not a study to please ourselves, it is a concrete tool for our mobile application."

- Bryan Body, Product Lead Bip&Go

"We partnered with Ferpection on strategic subjects. They were able to conduct international exploratory researches impeccably while offering an innovative analysis framework, which deeply helped structure our strategic thinking and our roadmap."

- Adrienne Rostaing, Analytics & Customer Services Manager Guerlain

Mairie de Paris
"We got in touch with Ferpection in order to identify the optimization points in our application SIMA, targeted for our maintenance staff. With efficiency and flexibility, they conducted testing with their user testers and interviewed our staff in order to guranatee a fluid experience that meets our users needs.”"

- Marie Bouard, Paris City Council

Leroy Merlin
"Ferpection's user research allowed us to confirm the choices we took during the redesign of our applications and test them with real users.""

- Nicolas Haese, Head of Mobile at Leroy Merlin

Why do an individual user interview with Ferpection?

  • We are specialists in remote and face-to-face UX research.
  • A specialised facilitator will lead the user interviews.
  • The heart of our activity is the UX study of digital interfaces. We realised more than 700 studies of websites, mobile applications, but also chatbots, terminals and connected objects.
  • Beyond the digital, we master the study of the entire customer journey: media, website, store, customer service, app, ...

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