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Consulting service: Omnichannel journey

Evaluate your experience as a whole by including different points of contact

The user experience is not limited to a digital interface. It goes beyond and will be impacted by all the online and offline points of contact that the user will have with a brand.

For example, you can have the best website possible, but if your in-store experience is not satisfactory, the user will not complete their journey or come back.

To improve both your conversion and your retention, it is essential to have an overview of the customer experience and to identify all the points of friction encountered on an omnichannel journey.

experience and phygital journey

Study objectives for an omnichannel path

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Test a physical experience

    Understanding the point of sale or customer service experience

  • online and offline course

    Identify the points of friction of a customer journey in its entirety

  • overall user satisfaction

    Provide an optimal and consistent customer experience regardless of the channel

  • de-pilot user experience

    Involve different teams to promote a transversal approach

  • Have a more user-centric global approach

    Increase the value of UX internally beyond digital

  • Testing an omnichannel journey can serve many purposes

    And many others depending on your project

Do you want to test an omnichannel journey?

Your deliverables

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • User feedback via the platform

    User verbatim illustrated with photos taken at the point of sale

  • User journey curve according to satisfaction

    An overview of the journey and the points of contact

  • omnichannel user journey optimizations

    Recommendations to promote conversion

  • Ranking recommendations by importance and urgency

    A map to prioritize your areas of optimization

Wefix experience test for Fnac Farty

Discover our customer case on an omnichannel journey

The Fnac Darty group has set up an omnichannel test to test the entire experience of the WeFix brand.

Fnac Darty case study

An omnichannel study project in practice

  • Timing

    Starting at 2 weeks

  • Price

    Starting at €9,500

  • International
    • Europe
    • North America
    • Asia
  • Typology of target
    • BtoC targets
  • Project type
    • Digital projects
      • Desktop or mobile
      • Mock-up, prototype or live
    • Non-digital projects
      • Products or services

Example of UX method

Each process is tailor-made according to your needs.

  • Define your goals

    Define study objectives Framing

  • Project step

    Evaluate an omnichannel shopping journey A moderated user test done in store

  • Project step

    Identify the friction points of the experience UX analysis

  • Presentation

    Involve the different teams in the areas of optimization Presentation of results

Fnac Darty consulting service at Ferpection

Fnac Darty
"Ferpection allowed us, in an extremely short time, to verify that the customer experience offered by WeFix was in line with the assumptions of our business plan."

- Régis Koenig, Director of Service Policy and Customer Experience, Fnac Darty

A synergy of expertise for your projects

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    Anaïs Valentin

    User Research Director

    Understanding of the need and framing

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    Anne-Laure Januel

    Lead UX Research Consultant

    Project management

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    Manon Petit

    Head of Operations

    Project management

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    Estefanía Giménez

    UX Research Consultant

    Project management

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    Matthieu Louise

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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    Mathieu Lombard

    Lead UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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