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User journeys: a UX comparative study to support decision-making

Customer story: Air France KLM

The context: check-in page innovation

  • In order to offer a new check-in option for their clients and in doing so increase the conversion rate, Air France developed two alternative journeys that they wished to study and compare by carrying out remote user tests internationally.
  • The 2 new proposed journeys allow Air France KLM users the possibility to check in, download their boarding pass and receive notifications about their flight via WhatsApp. Version 1 - OTP: the user receives a one-time password (OTP) to validate the check in information. Version 2 - ROTP: the user sends a one-time password (reverse OTP) to KLM in WhatsApp to validate the check-in information
  • Both of these new journey options needed to be tested on mobile and desktop devices
Testing two customer journeys.

Compare the two enrolment methods based on these qualitative metrics:

  • Qualitative: Task success rate

    Task success rate

  • Evaluate the perception of your experience with qualitative methods

    User satisfaction

  • User preference: UX Research

    User preference

  • Perceived ease of use, difficulty of use: UX Research

    Perceived ease of use, difficulty of use

Our solution: comparative study

  • UX research method: agile remote user test

    Remote user test among 40 participants in the US, Canada and the UK who have and use WhatsApp

    A comparative test protocol

  • 20 participants will do the test on Mobile: 10 will do prototype 1 then prototype 2 / 10 will do prototype 2 then prototype 1.
  • 20 participants will do the test on Desktop: 10 will do prototype 1 then prototype 2 / 10 will do prototype 2 then prototype 1.

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The Study


  • Provide Air France KLM insights that allowed them to decide which versions to develop.
  • Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each experience
Mobile VS Desktop user journey research
Results of user journey research


User feedback allowed us to conclude this comparative research based on the qualitative metrics identified at the start of the study: user satisfaction, perceived ease of use / difficulty of use, task success rate, user preference. Overall:

  • for mobile users ROTP was preferred,
  • however for desktop users OTP was preferred.