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Our mission is to improve user experience for all of us

About Ferpection

Founded in 2014 by Arnaud Limbourg (ex-BlaBlaCar) and Thibault Geenen (ex-Coca-Cola), Ferpection delivers UX research and testing to continually optimise websites, mobile applications and omnichanel projects.

Why the name Ferpection? We help companies to adapt to an ever changing optimum we call ferpection as nothing can be perfect for long anymore. Our initial inspiration for the name comes from the Spanish movie "The ferpect crime".

Our values


We seek positive change, refuse the status quo and focus on quality, not quantity. We are not judgmental and always fresh when it comes to delivering actionable optimisations to our clients and ourselves.


We succeed together, we fail together. We promote development, recognition and transparency to benefit users, customers, partners and our team.


We simply need 3 values because that's enough. We are simply professional with a touch of fun. We are simply clear because it's essential to delivering our value.

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Meet the team

Life at Ferpection



We develop the future of user studies to help our clients bring the best user experiences.



Learning is in our DNA. Inspired by the Lean Start-up methodology, we continuously evolve our services, our product and our processes.



Inspired by the concept of "liberated company", each team member is involved in the global strategy and is responsible for their own decisions.