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Consulting service: Recurrent testing

Test your product regularly for continuous improvement

User expectations change over time, and so does your product.

Whether it is for the development of a new project using an agile method, or for the continuous improvement of an existing product, make sure that your product always corresponds to your users and their needs.

Recurrent testing allows you to regularly and quickly listen to your target.

Adopt an agile method to develop your product

The objectives of Recurrent testing

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Continuous improvement of your products

    Continuously optimize your product

  • What is the impact of your iterations on user satisfaction

    Check the impact of changes made to a product as they happen

  • Create your models and prototypes by testing as you go with your users

    Testing at several stages of the design phase

  • Test often and quickly

    Test the rhythm of your design sprints

  • User score evolution

    Measure user satisfaction over time

  • Recurring testing has many other purposes

    And many others depending on your project

Do you need agile testing?

Your deliverables

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Access to feedback on our platform

    Regular user feedback

  • Modify the main irritants of your experience

    UX recommendations to quickly adapt your project

  • Graph of your grade evolution

    An evolution of your user score

  • Satisfaction by stage of the user journey

    An evaluation of your user journey to identify the main irritants

  • Your changes and prioritized actions

    A prioritized roadmap for your next design sprints

Selection of functionalities to develop according to the chosen core target

Discover our customer case on iterative tests

Lacoste continuously optimizes its customer journey through recurrent user tests.

Lacoste case study

Agile tests in practice

  • Timing

    Starting at 1 week

  • Price

    Starting at €7,500

  • International
    • Europe
    • North America
    • South America
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Australia
  • Typology of target
    • BtoC targets
  • Project type
    • Digital projects
      • Desktop or mobile
      • Mock-up, prototype or live

Example of UX method

Each process is tailor-made according to your needs.

  • Define your goals

    Define study objectives Framing

  • Project step

    Get user feedback on your first model With remote user test

  • Project step

    Optimize the first version With our UX recommendations

  • Project step

    Get user feedback on the optimized version With remote user test

  • Receive our recommendations

    Optimize the second version With our UX recommendations

L'Oréal consulting service at Ferpection

"All our customer needs are verified through research led by Ferpection. Then all our prototypes are tested at international level and they cannot move forward without a user score above 4 out of 5. Ferpection provides us with our user metrics."

- Vincent Arcin, Director of Digital Services Factory

A synergy of expertise for your projects

  • Clara Tuco

    Clara Tuco

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Florine July

    Florine July

    Senior UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Octavia Kawase

    Octavia Kawase

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Marie Lebrisse

    Marie Lebrisse

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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