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How to improve and optimize customer journey?

Customer story: Lacoste

The context: working with agile methodologies

  • Today Lacoste is facing a real challenge: accelerating its digital strategy by strengthening online purchases while preserving its brand image. The online shopping experience must be at least as qualitative as the experience in a Lacoste store. In this context, we have empowered Lacoste with an iterative process to better complete specific user research projects.
  • Teams work continuously to improve the e-commerce website on a global scale.
  • The brand ensures customers’ needs are at the centre of any improvement to the website's user journey.
  • Lacoste knows well that cultural aspects generate differences in how users will perceive the brand. Hence the need to assess and compare customers’ expectations in different countries such as France and the USA.
How to optimize customer journey on an e-commerce website in an agile way.

The milestones towards the optimization of the international customer journey

  • User tests make it possible to assess the fluidity of the customer journey

    Evaluate the initial customer journey on the e-commerce website of Lacoste.

  • Evaluate the perception of your experience with qualitative methods

    Repeatedly measure with real users the impact of modifications brought to Lacoste's website.

  • User tests make it possible to evaluate the added value in each sprint using agile methodology

    Measure users’ perception of the Lacoste e-commerce website throughout time to create an optimal user experience.

  • Remote user tests can be done worldwide

    Test and compare feedback from French and North American users.

Our continuous testing approach to optimize customer journey

  • UX research method: agile remote user test

    Methodology: Setting up recurring remote user tests in France and in the USA.

    In line with Lacoste’s production timelines on the e-commerce website in both countries, we advised a cadence of one test each quarter. Every three months, the same test is automatically launched in France and in the USA on our digital platform.

Optimize your user experience and ensure your success

Project progress

Quarterly remote user tests

  • We started by co-creating a test protocol for a user journey on the Lacoste e-commerce website by having our UX Consultants team and Lacoste UX team collaborate together. It allowed us to have a user experience that remained comparable through time.
  • Quarterly, our Lacoste-dedicated project manager organizes two remote interntional users’ tests: one in France and the other in the USA.
Evolution of the customer journey after several agile sprints of tests and optimizations.
Evolution of the user score after the first remote test.


  • For each remote user test, our UX research consultants deliver in-depth analysis and identify areas of improvement on each of the two websites to be tested in French and English.
  • The analysis allows us to pinpoint elements that improve the user experience and areas in which there is progress to be made. For example, the organization of the product page was modified between the first and second test. This allowed for a clear improvement of the users’ satisfaction level on that step.
  • Specific care was given to users’ feedback given during lockdown. It helped us obtain a first analysis of the impact of the pandemic crisis on users’ buying behaviors.