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Consulting service: Test your competitors

Have users test the experience offered by your competitors

Your competitors are often your best source of inspiration.

Performing a competitive benchmark yourself is good. Doing it through your users with an external point of view is even more valuable. This will not only allow you to position yourself in the market from the point of view of your target, but also to prepare the design of a new offer for example.

The competitive analysis will provide you with key learnings: what are the essential standards? Traps to avoid ? How do you stand out?

Competitive analysis UX

The objectives of UX competitive analysis

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • Research your competition: positioning

    Position yourself on the market from a user point of view

  • Research your competition: best practices

    Identify the best practices of your local or international competitors

  • Research your competition: identical user journey for each actor

    Identify the points of friction specific to your sector

  • UX competitor analysis: stand out

    Find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition

  • Competitive analysis can serve many purposes

    And many others depending on your project

Do you want to research your competition?

Your deliverables

(non-exhaustive list of examples)

  • global score benchmark

    Satisfaction scores to position yourself quickly

  • benchmark of scores at each stage

    The user journeys of the different routes

  • Global lessons for the sector

    A sector analysis with standards and opportunities

  • building the ideal user flow

    Models incorporating the best practices of the sector

  • Perception of each brand

    Image reviews for each brand

benchmark bank path

Discover our UX benchmark client case:

Crédit Agricole wanted to carry out a comparative analysis of the subscription paths of its competitors.

Crédit Agricole case study

A benchmark study project in practice

  • UX competitor analysis: Timing

    Starting at 3 weeks

  • UX competitor analysis: Price

    Starting at €10,500

  • UX competitor analysis: Worldwide
    • Europe
    • North America
    • South America
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Australia
  • UX competitor analysis: Typology of target
    • BtoC targets
    • BtoB targets
  • UX competitor analysis: Project type
    • Digital projects
      • Desktop or mobile
      • Mock-up, prototype or live
    • Non-digital projects
      • Products or services

Example of UX method

Each process is tailor-made according to your needs.

Credit Agricole consulting service at Ferpection

Credit Agricole
"This study enabled us to identify good practices among 4 banking players and to have objective criteria for choosing between forms and conversational. Initially we had favoured a conversational approach for a warmer and more playful aspect. Finally, following the study, we switched back to classic forms and our efforts are focused on the sequences from one stage to the next."

- Marie Petit, Head of User Experience at Crédit Agricole Technologies and Services

A synergy of expertise for your projects

  • Octavia Kawase

    Octavia Kawase

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Florine July

    Florine July

    Senior UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Clara Tuco

    Clara Tuco

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

  • Marie Lebrisse

    Marie Lebrisse

    UX Research Consultant

    Analysis and recommendations

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