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Website redesign and tree structure co-construction

Customer story : Bouygues Telecom Entreprise


  • In early 2019, Bouygues Telecom decided to redesign its B2B website aimed at prospects.
  • In order to create user journeys closer to users' needs and expectations, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises wants to interview their B2B users to better understand their needs and incorporate their feedback into the project.
  • The desire of the company is to involve users during the design process, from the redesign of the tree structure to the online launch, to allow teams to iterate at each stage of the site redesign.
Customer case study : our answer to support Bouygues telecom in the redesign of its site and the co-construction of the new tree structure using card sorting and user testing

Bouygues Telecom Entreprise's objectives

  • Listening to users allows you to understand their needs

    Understand the needs and expectations of their target audience.

  • Co-creation workshops provide relevant UX paths

    Co-create the new user paths with the target audience.

  • When redesigning a website, card sorting helps co-creating the site's tree structure

    Validate the website's new tree structure.

Our answer

  • UX qualitative method : card sorting

    Focus group card sorting

    Sample: 8 decision-makers responsible for purchasing a telephone and internet network fleet for their company

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  • User testing method : user interview

    Face-to-face user test on a wireframe prototype

    Sample: 15 decision-makers responsible for purchasing a telephone and internet network fleet for their company

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  • User testing method : remote user testing

    Remote user test on a high-fidelity and interactive prototype

    Sample: 15 decision-makers resposable for purchasing a telephone and internet network fleet for their company and an additional 20 mainstream users

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Results of the redesign supported by Ferpection's studies

Before / After the redesign with the new menu generated by the focus group card sort

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Study process and deliverables

Our UX Research Consultant Team accompanied Bouygues Telecom Entreprises during three strategic moments of their redesign.

Card sorting workshop

We organized a card sort workshop in the form of a focus group with the core target of the site defining the new tree structure. This workshop aimed to understand the needs of the target and to arbitrate the different card sorting combinations made internally by the customer with the project and business teams.

Card sorting deliverables

Following our analysis of the first study and our recommendations, we delivered two versions of the site tree structure. One with double entries and the other without. We were also able to highlight the expectations of the core target to prepare the work of the user paths.

card sorting deliverables
user test deliverables including UX recommendations

Wireframe testing in User interviews

Once the tree structure work was completed, Bouygues Telecom Entreprises teams produced low definition wireframes. We submitted those to 15 people from the core target to validate the user paths. User interviews at this stage allowed us to overcome the limits of low fidelity wireframes, thanks to live moderation.

User interviews deliverables

The second study enabled us to highlight the positive and negative points of the new paths. Thanks to this, we recommended a dozen or so tailor-made optimizations based on four main ergonomic concepts: usefulness, usability, accessibility and desirability.

High-definition prototype testing with remote users

Once the paths were adjusted and validated, we set up a remote user test on a high-definition interactive prototype of the new site. This allowed us to understand the design's impact on the user experience.

Remote user test deliverables

By analyzing the feedback and verbatims of the last study, we validated both the modifications of the user paths and the presentation of the offers.

Remote user test deliverables include analysis of the results and user score

Bouygues Telecom's testimony on their experience with Ferpection

Bouygues Telecom
"How to stepchange SEO and UX at the same time? Thanks to Ferpection unique combination of focus groups, card sorting and usability tests, we were able to reconsider our hypothesis and generate clear R.O.I.: +80% SEO traffic and +30% conversion rate!"

- Yohan Debray, Product Owner Bouygues Telecom