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Mystery shopping for an omnichannel experience

Customer story: Fnac Darty

The context: reinforce the market research

  • Founded in 2012, WeFix is the leader of smartphones express repairs in France. The brand has 59 shops in France and Belgium, where experts offer fast repairs services for main models of smartphones. The company also offers a range of reconditioned smartphones and accessories.
  • In september 2018, the Fnac Darty group annonced a majority stake held with WeFix.
  • For WeFix, the challenge is to accelerate the development of its network with dedicated corners within the group's shops.
  • For Fnac Darty, the interest is to position itself as a referent of smartphones repairs, and also to reinforce its engagement in the circular economy.
Customer case: our response to Fnac Darty's problem to evaluate the omnichannel experience provided by WeFix.

The goals of the omnichannel study

  • User remote tests allow to test an omnichannel experience

    Validate user's perception and experience.

  • User remote tests allow to test an omnichannel experience

    Evaluate the whole customer journey - from online search to delivered service in stores- and identify points to optimize.

  • User remote tests allow to test an omnichannel experience

    Test experiences in different point of sales through France.

Our solution : mystery shopping

  • UX research method: remote user test for mystery shopping

    Methodology : Remote user tests for mystery shopping in 13 points of sales.

    20 users all over in France.

Project progress

Omnichannel user test : from online research to point of sales

  • Just like a remote user test for a website or an app, users follow a scenario with several steps and objectives. Some of them are online, others are offline. They live their experience in real conditions, then they report it step by step.
  • The user had to look online for the closest shop to its place, go there, ask for information about its smartphone's repair, and then decide accordingly if it's ok to do the repair.
  • The user gives feedback about its experience, like accessibility and visibility of the shop, vendor's reception and efficiency, or the offer.
main feedback of the mystery shopping study
main feedback of the mystery shopping study


  • Feedback allowed to confirm Fnac Darty's interest for WeFix and to validate financial hypothesis
  • Simultaneously, optimization points were identified to make the experience even more attractive and maximize the return on investment.
  • Signage and visibility of the shop, availability of parts, or perceived price were the main areas of improvement.

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Fnac-Darty's testimony on its experience with Ferpection

Fnac Darty
"Ferpection allowed us, in an extremely short time, to verify that the customer experience offered by WeFix was aligned with the assumptions of our business plan."

- Régis Koenig, Services Policy and User Experience Director at Fnac Darty