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Remote user-testing


  • 10-30 users according to targeting
  • Results in 7 to 10 working day(s)
  • Users follow a 3 to 10 steps scenario while explaining their experience, giving positive or negative feedback and suggesting optimizations. You can also compare experiences on different versions or with competing services.


  • Get detailed feedback from users in real conditions
  • Identify weak and strong points
  • Prioritize optimizations


  • Option: video extracts
  • User score
  • Illustrated, detailed and tagged feedback from users
  • Option: feedback analysis

In which cases set up this study

  • Prioritize functions to be developed
  • Test the information architecture
  • Test the user experience of a competitive website or app
  • Test the look and feel of a design
  • Have a prognostic of the user score
  • Compare different versions
  • Reveal pains and frictions in the user experience
  • Test the user experience on my point of sale or phone service
  • Check the experience on different devices
  • Validate user's adoption of the product
  • Test the user experience of competitive points of sale or phone services
  • Check the usability
  • Test the understanding of an interface
  • Perform an audit on my product before redesigning it