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Working to earn extra cash every month without leaving home, is possible with Ferpection! We offer you the opportunity to become a tester for websites and mobile applications.

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What is a remote application tester?

  1. Work from home

    Explore sites and applications using your smartphone or tablet

  2. Give your opinion on products

    Send positive and negative feedback

  3. After verification, get paid

    Once your feedback is reviewed by our moderators, you're done!

In order to understand the difficulties that users encounter on websites or mobile applications, companies need the help of outsiders who test as if they were real users.
This is where the tester comes in: since they don't work for the company, they don't necessarily know the product or service well. They don't know the specific, complicated vocabulary either. They are like a real user, comfortably installed at home.
We ask the testers to follow an established scenario, and to note the problems they encounter as they go along: things that are not clear, possible bugs... all this without leaving their home.

They are already 250 000 working from home and testing


What is a test scenario?

For example, let's imagine that you are doing a test for American Airlines. The scenario could consist of several steps:

  • Download the American Airlines application on your smartphone
  • Install it
  • Look for a first class ticket for your London-to-New-York-trip tomorrow afternoon
  • Enter a promotional code
  • Contact the company to ask a question
  • Create an account to make the payment
  • In general, the scenario stops before the payment step

During these steps, you may encounter difficulties. You will therefore have to give 'feedback': take a screenshot of your screen at that time, and explain in a few lines what bothered you at that stage.

exemple de réponse à une enquète rémunérée

A good solution to work from home

Donnez votre avis sur des sites depuis votre domicile contre rémunération

Why is being a tester ideal if you want to work from home? Because all you need is an Internet connection and your computer or mobile phone.

The studies can be done from your sofa, your desk, your dining table. The other advantage is that you can do it in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. You decide, depending on your availability!

Being a tester means being able to work from home, where you want, at a time that suits you.

How to become a tester?

It's very easy to become a tester on our platform.

First create your account here.

Once you have signed up, you become one of our testers! You will receive an email each time your profile matches one of the proposed studies. We encourage you to be as responsive as possible, as the number of testers is often limited!

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