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Thanks to Ferpection, you can earn extra income without leaving home. Do you want to do paid surveys? Here is all you need to know!

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Become a tester of websites or mobile applications

Today, if you want to make ends meet by working online, you have several options. The one we offer you is to become a tester of websites and mobile applications. Ferpection's mission is to help its customers make their websites and mobile applications meet users' needs better.
What is your mission ?
After you have registered here, you will receive an email as soon as your profile is being requested for a test. You will then be able to do the test. This involves completing several actions on the site or application and reporting your feedback.

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What is feedback during a user survey?

If you are testing Darty's site, we may ask you to follow a 5-10 step scenario, and tell us what annoys you and what pleases you at each step. This feedback is composed of written feedback and a screenshot of your computer or mobile phone. We may also ask you to express your feedback through a mini-video. It's very easy to do, you'll see. Our tutorial will guide you step by step to carry out your surveys with confidence.

The test can take place from your home, on the move or in a test room depending on the needs of the study and the nature of the website/application being tested.

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Why do companies need testers?

Why do companies pay for surveys?

It's very simple: when you've been working in a company for years you know its products and services perfectly. Everything always seems very clear and simple. You can no longer really put yourself in the shoes of the customer or user. This is why Ferpection encourages its customers to have their websites and applications tested by 'real' testers who are neutral and will have the same reactions as their future users.

What does it do for you?

Being a tester for Ferpection will allow you to earn extra income (€5 to 20 per survey), but it will also give you the opportunity to give your opinion, to discover applications before their official release and to participate in the improvement of websites and mobile applications in general.
Still need to be convinced? Discover the testimony of Florence, a tester for Ferpection since 2015!

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