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Jennifer, Testeuse chez Ferpection et heureuse
"Earning money is nice but it goes beyond that. I was able to improve my writing proficiency and discover new sites and applications."

- Jennifer, tester

Aline, Testeuse et satisfaite
"I find out about new sites applications I didn't know about. Often they are brand new. It opens up my mind and is useful in my work."

- Aline, tester

How does it work?

  1. Work from home

    Explore sites and applications using your smartphone or tablet

  2. Give your opinion on products

    Send positive and negative feedback

  3. After verification, get paid

    Once your feedback is reviewed by our moderators, you're done!


What is feedback?

Feedback is a screenshot with an accompanying clear description. You can report positive and negative elements.

I would have liked the connection button to be more prominent... I couldn't find it!

Discover how participants send us their feedback

With Ferpection, you can work online from your sofa! You test our customers' websites and applications, following scenarios that we describe to you. You send us your feedback and, thanks to you, our customers can improve their products. It's an opportunity to earn extra income, discover new applications and make your opinion count!
How does it work? It's simple: register to become a tester and as soon as a study matches your profile, we send you an email to ask you to participate. Every month, you receive your payment by Paypal or by gift card.
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Our customers thank you

"Testers identified 10 optimization points in line with our objectives, most are online on"

- Mathieu Parisot, Senior Digital Manager at Parrot

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