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Our UX research and testing methods

Find out the fitted UX study to your requirements in few clicks

What can you test and explore?

Exploit each opportunity to listen to your users

A unique platform to use in SaaS or accompanied by our experts

Dashboard of the client report
  • Acces all your studies in one platform
  • Set up and lanch your test online
  • Visualise and process the collected data
  • Export and download results and analysis
  • Unlimited access to your team with rights management
"Ferpection identified 10 priority optimisations fully aligned with our strategy, most of which are now live on our website parrot.com."

- Mathieu Parisot, Senior Digital Manager at Parrot

B2C, B2B, B2E and international user targeting

  • Use our community of over 200 000 testers,
  • or activate your own database,
  • or let our experts recruit specific profiles with our trusted partners
  • We will guide you to adapt the methode to your need.
“Within 7 days, Ferpection gathered and analyzed more than 500 users stories. This was the key to optimise our Style My Hair application and ensure its success from day one.”

- Camille Marquet, International Digital Project Manager at L’Oréal

Listen to users from all over the world

Our UX research and product design experts are here to guide you

Dashboard of the client report
  • They help you choose the adapted user research method
  • They garanty the quality of the results
  • They analyse the results and, on demand, propose and action plan
  • They raise awareness of the importance and good practices of user testing for your teams
"Working with Ferpection is a real pleasure, the team is always there in support to help you, find new ideas and enrich your level of requirement on the customer experience, all done extremely fast."

- Régis Koening, Services Policy and User Experience Director at Fnac Darty