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Our research packages to optimise user experience

1 unique price for
4 different methodologies

Our user researches and tests catalogue all at the same cost Tell us more about your needs

You choose the number of researches you desire, our experts help you choose the right methodology at each step of your project.

Your UX research for 4.500€

Discount depending on the volume of researches

Included in the price:

  • Definition of your needs and choice of the correct methodology
  • Copywriting of the instructions for user testing
  • Targeting and recruitment of testers
  • Launch of the UX research
  • Verification and moderation of the feedback
  • Online interactive report
  • Ferpection Predictive Score

As options:

  • Feedback by video
  • Feedback analysis
  • Identification and priorisation key optimisations
  • UX recommendations
  • Restitution call or meeting

You will be contacted by phone within 24h

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“We needed Ferpection to provide us qualitative and quantitative feedback. We got feedback from around 30 users and over 300 verbatims, which helped us validate the decisions we had made for our redesign.”

- Mathieu Lecollaire, UX Manager at Wonderbox

“Nothing compares to user feeback to create the best product.”

- Nicolas Saison, VP Product at Fastoche by Payboost

How does it work?

A methodological and industrialised approach

Budget proposition for your user tests and researches

Validation of your goals and the commercial proposal

Validation of the choice of the UX research

Set up of the chosen UX methodology

Our users test and give feedback on your project

Field research

With a targeted community, the Ferpection community or your own clients

Our UX experts send you their analysis

Restitution of results

We gather your feedback on the user tests and researches done together

Feedback call