Welcome to Ferpection

Happy testers...

" Very serious website and I love the concept. Thanks for the payment! "

- Victor, Tester

" Excellent website! I really like doing the tests. You can really give your opinion on the apps of tomorrow, and for big brands! "

- Mimi, Tester

" You get to discover innovative apps in preview. It's quite exciting to see what brands are working on, and be part of the project in a way. "

- Franck, Tester

... and happy customers!

“Within 7 days, Ferpection gathered and analyzed more than 500 users' stories. This was the key to optimising our Style My Hair application and ensuring its success from day one.”

- Camille Marquet, International Digital Project Manager at L’Oréal

“It is essential to listen to our users to maintain our advantage and meet their expectations. Without users, our brand is over.”

- Régis Koenig, Services Policy and User Experience Director at Fnac Darty

"With Ferpection we were able to quickly test and audit our sites in several countries. We have collected valuable information directly from users to prioritise our projects and thus better serve our customers!"

- Anne-Sophie Guillou, UX Project Manager (UX Research) for Clarins